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Stovax Vogue Small

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The most compact model in the range, Stovax’s Vogue Small wood burning stove offers a powerful heat output of 5kW. Combining cutting edge technology with advanced firebox engineering, this state-of-the-art, wood burning stove burns so cleanly, emissions are lowered to minimal levels making it compliant with future Ecodesign emission standards.

Vogue Small wood burning stoves have a variety of mounting options and can be installed on a Plinth, Midline log store or stove bench to create the perfect fireplace to suit your home.


Brand Stovax
Ecodesign compliant with forthcoming regulations on CO, Particulates, OGC’s and NOx emissions  Yes
Efficiency 80%
Nominal Heat Output and Range 5kW (2 – 6kW)
Wood  Yes
Approved for Smoke Control Areas*  Yes
Cleanburn & Airwash  Yes
Integral cast iron top plate  Yes
Optional external air kit  Yes
Optional Midline wood store base  Yes
Optional Plinth base  Yes
Max Log Length 280mm or 11″
Room vent not normally required  Yes
Flue outlet 5” top or rear
Stove bench compatible  Yes

* Subject to official listing


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