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Stovax Regency

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Originally patented in 1742 by Benjamin Franklin, the Regency enjoys a pedigree unmatched by any other stove. It was designed at a time when America was still a British colony and its proportions were undoubtedly influenced by Franklin’s extended visits to Georgian London. Functioning like an open fire with its large firebox, the Regency forgoes adjustable heat output. The stove can be burnt with the doors closed or open for the traditional fireplace atmosphere.

A pair of polished brass balls are supplied with each stove and a brass rail set is available as an optional accessory. Cast into the side panel of every Regency is a support bracket into which an optional barbecue or bean pot may be fixed. Both of these are manufactured from cast iron and the bean pot is supplied complete with a swinging arm which fits into the support bracket.


Brand Stovax
Multi-fuel  Yes
Ashpan  Yes
Maximum heat output 7.5kW
Maximum log length 19” (480mm)
Flue outlet 8” top or rear
Brass Rail Set (optional)  Yes
Barbecue Grill (optional)  Yes
Bean Pot Assembly (optional)  Yes
Firescreen (optional)  Yes


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