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Heritage Standard

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The Standard range cooker, at 975 mm wide, the Standard is ‘just right’ for most kitchens. Its totally traditional appearance belies its sophisticated technology.

It features two large traditional hobs (each large enough to take up to three saucepans, from simmer to boil), two or three full size ovens, depending on model, and seven different boiler options for hot water or central heating, providing up to 140,000 Btu’s, enough for up to thirty average radiators.

Available as an Oil Fired or Electric Range.  



Product Details

The Standard is meticulously built and hand finished using a combination of cast iron, heavy section steel and ceramics for durability and good heat retention. This is aided by unparalleled levels of insulation to prevent wasted heat and keep cooking temperatures constant. The serviceable components used are of superb quality: Honeywell, Bentone, Danfoss, Sterling – all top quality burner and control manufacturers.

In cold weather the cooker burner can be switched to ‘continuous’ giving a constant background warmth in the kitchen. The temperature may be set to a comfortable level of your choosing and additional heat obtained by raising the insulated covers. In warmer weather, when ‘traditional’ range cookers are let out for the season, simply switch the cooker to ‘timed mode’ on your programmer or set the oven at a low temperature for a cooler room (and even lower fuel bills) and still retain the instant comfort of a traditional range for those colder mornings and evenings.

The Standard responds quickly to instructions; from cold, it is cooking within 20 minutes, and 10 minutes later roasting temperatures are achieved in the main oven. The lower oven operates around half the temperature of the top oven. Unlike many older type ranges, once the thermostat is set on the Heritage, the temperature will stay there as long as required. With the Trio, the third oven operates at a temperature between the other two ovens.

The Standard can have a conventional chimney / flue or low level fan flue, making it a most versatile range cooker which can be situated almost anywhere. The cooking-only models are available with a balanced flue.

Key Features

  • Two large hobs
  • 2 or 3 full size ovens
  • Single or Twin Burner
  • Seven boiler options
  • Available in a range of colours.

Lightweight Chrome Lids are available on all models.

Available in Nickel Chrome (Brass as an optional extra on request)

Central Heating Boilers

There are seven different output high efficiency boiler models available on the standard – each hand made to the most exacting of standards.  Please refer to the appropriate data sheet for a boiler to suit your system.

The original Heritage heavy tubed boiler with Sterling burner are a well proven combination. All tubed boiler efficiencies are verified to E.C. standards.


Flue Options depend on the model you choose and the siting of the cooker. Heritage offers the widest choice of flues available for your convenience.

N.B. Please refer to data sheet for all options.

Combustion Air Vents

A major advantage with all Heritages is found in their ducted air inlets. This makes for quiet, safe and efficient room sealed breathing – thus cutting down on draughty vents in the kitchen.

Ducts can be rigid or flexible pipes through floors, walls, lofts or roofs.
Because of external air vents, kitchen extractor fans can be fitted alongside all Heritage cookers.


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