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Heritage Compact

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The Compact range cooker. With similar traditional looks to the Standard, but built onto a smaller chassis at 840 mm wide, the Compact offers more versatility in fitting into an awkward space, a smaller kitchen or narrowboat.

It has the traditional double hob layout and two full size ovens. Four boiler options for hot water or central heating, provide up to 70,000 Btu’s – enough for up to twelve average radiators.

Available as an Oil Fired or Electric Range.  


Product Details

The Compact is meticulously built and hand finished using a combination of cast iron, heavy section steel and ceramics for durability and good heat retention. This is aided by unparalleled levels of insulation to prevent wasted heat and keep cooking temperatures constant. The serviceable components used are of superb quality: Honeywell, Bentone, Danfoss, Sterling – all top quality burner and control manufacturers.

The Compact responds quickly to instructions; from cold, it’s cooking within 20 minutes and 10 minutes later roasting temperatures are acheived in the main oven. The lower oven operates at around half the temperature of the top oven. Unlike many older ranges, once the thermostat is set on the Heritage, the temperature will stay there as long as required.

Both ovens can take up to six standard trays (34 x 19 cm approx.) or three large trays. Each hob takes three average saucepans, simmer (right hand) or boil (left hand), which provides huge capacity and great versatility in cooking. When starting range cooking for the first time, do get yourself a reliable guide which takes the mystique out of what is really a very simple but better way of cooking.

The Compact can have a conventional chimney / flue or low level fan flue, making it a most versatile range cooker which can be situated almost anywhere. The cooker-only models are available with a balanced flue.

Key Features

  • Double Hot Plate
  • Two Full Size Ovens
  • Single Burner
  • Four Boiler Options
  • Available in a variety of colours


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